Palmsbet is a site that provides gambling services. The company was officially registered in 2013 by the company TELEMATIC INTERACTIVE BULGARIA. In addition, this institution is legal not only nationally, but also internationally, having the appropriate license. In compliance with its obligations under the law, Palmsbet has developed a privacy policy that can only be applied to the official website and mobile application.

This document describes in detail what data a company needs to optimize operations and fulfill its obligations. In addition, security practices and customer rights are clearly stated. Palmsbet has a special department with an authorized person who deals with all issues of personal information and confidentiality. Therefore, if customers want answers to their questions regarding the current policy, they can directly contact the department via email at [email protected].

Due to the fact that international data protection legislation may change, the organization’s management also has the right to make adjustments to the document. This may concern clarification of certain articles, and their addition or exclusion of certain items. In addition to the fact that the company will notify players in advance, they must also check the site themselves for changes.

An important point is that when going to a web page and creating a profile, the user automatically confirms his agreement with the privacy policy. However, if after reading the document he changes his mind, then he must leave the platform.

Sections of information

At any moment, Palmsbet can begin to collect and analyze the private details of clients. However, this is done only during certain actions and with the help of special tools. Depending on these factors, the organization divided the data into several groups:

  • Registration. When creating a profile, the user leaves a lot of personal information so that the company can identify the individual. This includes first name, last name, nationality, identification number, residential address, gender, telephone number, email address, and so on;
  • A game. When a customer is directly involved in an organization’s entertainment, employees receive certain information. For example, IP address, device and browser type, start and end of the session, amounts spent, and so on;
  • Payments. To ensure that all transactions are secure and free from fraud or money laundering, the institution must verify the payment method chosen. The user needs to provide details about the banking option and also provide proof of ownership;
  • Safety. This implies those situations where there may be certain risks for the platform or the gambling establishment may be drawn into legal proceedings; Based on saved comments on the site and correspondence with customer service staff, the organization can provide the necessary evidence;
  • Preferences. Improving the quality of services is only possible with a clear understanding of customer needs. This can be achieved by using cookies. This helps to collect information about users and their preferences, after which the organization can make personalized advertising.


All of the above categories of information are obtained based on the fundamental reasons and goals of the organization:

  • Compliance with gambling laws and other legal obligations. For example, the fight against money laundering, fraud, terrorist financing, and other crimes;
  • The client gave written consent to have his private details analyzed and used for further company purposes. In addition, he will be aware of all procedures and consequences;
  • The legitimate interest of online casinos is to improve the quality of products and services provided, create a comfortable environment for all players, and continue to develop their activities for the general public.

Data recipients

Palmsbet does not sell or transfer private details about players to third parties. An exception may be data that is publicly available. However, under certain obligations and laws, an organization may disclose customer information to certain parties:

  • Government agencies, including law enforcement and judicial authorities;
  • Suppliers of software and other products on the official website who comply with high standards of security and confidentiality of information;
  • Banking institutions that partner with an institution and facilitate financial transactions;
  • Courier and postal companies that provide physical correspondence between an organization and users;
  • Parties outside the EU and EEA are under the personal control of Palmsbet management. The organization will ensure that private details are used legally and in compliance with all confidentiality measures.

Storage period

Based on the law and the company’s personal interests in achieving certain goals, users’ personal information may be stored in the database for a certain period of time.

For example, all private data that identifies the client is stored as long as he is a player of the institution. At a certain period, this information becomes anonymized. After deleting a profile in accordance with the rules, personal details will be stored for another five years.

When an organization collects IP address information or other data that identifies a user’s location, this is stored for at least 12 months.

Customer Capabilities

Palmsbet has tried to make its privacy policy as transparent and understandable as possible for all users. At the same time, players have a number of options regarding their information:

  • The right to access the data stored in the organization’s archives;
  • Make a request to remove certain private details, in special cases;
  • Make a request to limit the collection and analysis of information;
  • The right to change personal data upon provision of appropriate evidence;
  • The right to correct information that was collected incorrectly by the institution;
  • Opt out of personalized advertising and other marketing tools.

All of the above rights can only be exercised upon written notification to the Data Protection Department. The client must send an email to [email protected].

Security guarantees

An important aspect of the privacy policy is to guarantee security for all players. The company uses all necessary measures to ensure the confidentiality of private details and hide them from intruders.

For example, only a certain group of employees who sign a confidentiality agreement have access to personal data. The organization also has a securely protected database. Employees check the visitor log daily and also use high-tech security systems.