Palmsbet Policy

This gambling establishment is a reputable company that is committed to all international and national legislation in the field of gambling. To create a conducive and safe environment for all customers, management pays special attention to the concept of responsible gaming. The organization wants every player to enjoy gambling and not cross the line that ruins their health and status in society.

Palmsbet has a special section on its official website dedicated to responsible gambling. This includes recommendations for players, useful information and tools, and links to resources for help. All customers of this online casino are advised to study this information before starting to play.

Key Features

For some players, it can be really difficult to recognize a gambling addiction. However, there are a number of characteristics that are inherent in people with this problem:

  • They do not control their expenses and therefore often borrow money;
  • Players are constantly trying to make up for a bad bet;
  • Users become irritable and have sudden mood changes;
  • All their thoughts are occupied only with gambling and they cannot concentrate on daily responsibilities;
  • Players hide their hobby from relatives or friends and move away from them.

If you think that any of these points apply to you or someone you know, this is a reason to seek help.


Palmsbet strives to help every player who has a gambling problem. For this purpose, the following features on the page have been developed:

  • Deposit limit. This is possible both for one day and for another month. Thanks to this feature, users spend less money;
  • Time limit. This means that the client sets a certain amount of time that he can spend on the platform. Upon expiration of the period, the user will receive a notification and a recommendation to leave the site;
  • Betting limit. If the deposit limit does not seem convincing to you or you tend to bet large amounts, then Palmsbet may offer to limit the number of bets.


If your gambling problems are at their worst, Palmsbet may suggest giving up the game temporarily. This is possible using the self-exclusion feature. The client can set a period from 1 month to a year during which he will not be able to make deposits and place bets. Moreover, the company will not send any offers that may tempt the player.


If the user does not know who to tell about his addiction, he can contact special institutions. There they can get useful advice, get tested, and get information. This is available in two variants:

  • Mobile line: +359 885 307 499. This is only available on weekdays from 9 a.m. to 5:43 p.m.

Email: [email protected]. You can send a letter at any time of the day.