Any legal gambling establishment strives to provide a safe and comfortable environment for its customers. Palmsbet is officially registered and has a license for the relevant activities. Therefore, this institution operates in accordance with both international and national legislation in the field of gambling. An integral part of these norms is providing players with the basic rules to familiarize themselves with. The terms and conditions describe the responsibilities of the players, their capabilities and rights, as well as the area of responsibility of the organization.

Through its official website, Palmsbet provides services to a wide range of users, who must agree to comply with the prescribed rules. If the client does not intend to comply with the terms and conditions then he needs to leave the platform.

An important point that all players should remember is that this document is subject to change at any time at the discretion of the institution’s management. Adjustments may be due to the addition of new products or changes in legislation. In any case, all clients are notified of this in advance. However, the organization’s management strongly recommends that players regularly visit the corresponding page on the official website to stay informed.

Account creation

A prerequisite for starting to play Palmsbet is to have a profile. This can be done after the registration process. Users should be aware of certain rules and regulations regarding this procedure:

  • Registration involves individuals entering the requested information into the organization’s database. Typically, users are required to provide information that can identify them: full name, date of birth, nationality, residential address, mobile number, email address, gender, and so on;
  • Institutional staff may request additional information if it is inaccurate or incomplete. This may also be necessary to check the data already entered;
  • By creating a profile, the client confirms that he is over 18 years old and has legal capacity. In addition, it must be located in a country where the activities of online casinos and Palmsbet in particular are permitted by law. The user also confirms that all information provided is true;
  • If personal details change after some time, the player must immediately request their correction in his personal account. It is also necessary to indicate the reason for their change and the necessary evidence;
  • The user account will be valid for 24 hours after completing the registration process;
  • The user must create a unique login and a strong password. It is also his responsibility to keep this information secret and not disclose it to third parties;
  • Each person can create only one Palmsbet account. If this rule is violated and the player is caught creating a second account, he will be blocked.

Bank account

The second mandatory point before starting the game is making a deposit. After the client has successfully registered, a so-called gaming bank account is created. Thanks to this, he will be able to track his balance, expenses, deposits, and withdrawals. You must use this account correctly and know certain rules:

  • The client must deposit an amount not less than the minimum threshold. This amount is determined by the company for each payment method separately;
  • The user has the right to receive information about all restrictions and other nuances that may be associated with monetary transactions;
  • The player will not be able to withdraw money until he wagers it at least once. This is necessary in order to prevent the risk of fraud;
  • The client may be charged additional fees that are imposed by the relevant payment systems. In some cases, the management of the organization may decide to waive such payments;
  • The user is responsible for making all payments to tax authorities after withdrawing money;
  • Players cannot transfer money between themselves;
  • Employees of the institution can check the selected payment method. The name of the bank option holder must match the one specified during registration;
  • The client can, at his own request, set a limit on making a deposit. This is available from one to one month.

Bets and games: order and results

Palmsbet’s main activities are sports betting and gambling. In order for clients to get maximum pleasure from these entertainments, they must know the following rules:

  • The institution has the right to determine the minimum and maximum bet amount for any game. However, customers must be notified about this through the official website;
  • You can place a bet only if the client’s balance has a positive amount. Credit bets are not allowed;
  • The user must confirm that he is voluntarily participating in the game and is familiar with all the rules;
  • In case of winning, the corresponding amount will be credited to the player’s gaming bank account;
  • In some cases, which are provided for by law or company regulations, Palmsbet may withhold payment of winnings.

General rules of games

In order for hosted products and services to be used properly, both parties must meet the following requirements:

  • On the official website where the games will be located, management must post information about the license number, issuing authority, and so on;
  • The rules of any game should be publicly available and located on pages that correspond to the entertainment. The user does not have to look for them in separate places;
  • During the game, the client must be active. If he does not take any action within one hour, then his activity on the site ends. This is necessary to ensure that no one can gain unauthorized access to the player’s profile.

Company rights

In accordance with the document, Palmsbet management, and employees are authorized to do the following:

  • Refuse registration or delete a user profile without prior notice or explanation. This is possible in cases where a player is cut off in violation of the rules or legislation;
  • If the account is closed, the company is not responsible for any losses the client may incur;
  • The organization may withhold payment of winnings or invalidate the results if the user is suspected of fraud or other illegal activities;
  • A gambling establishment can place advertisements on any page, as well as send various promotional offers and information to players by email. However, the company is not responsible for the legality and reliability of such content;
  • All images, trademarks, videos, products, and services are the intellectual property of Palmsbet. Customer use of the above items, copying, and distribution for commercial purposes is prohibited.

Duties of the parties

An important part of the terms and conditions deals with the responsibilities of both the company and clients:

  • The organization is not responsible for how players use the service. What is posted on the official page by other users does not guarantee the safety and accuracy of the content;
  • The Client understands that all actions he takes on the platform may involve risks. The user acknowledges that the company is not responsible for losses that may occur during the game;
  • Suppose a player violates the rules of the organization and this is followed by legal proceedings. In that case, he is obliged to compensate all losses to the gambling establishment that were made to investigate the case;
  • The company is not responsible for technical problems and problems accessing the platform that arise due to the fault of the Internet provider.

Messages and communication

Clients can contact Palmsbet employees at any time if they have questions regarding this document or the game. In addition, customer support is also available to submit a complaint about violation of rights or improper operation of the site.

When interacting with employees, you must use your registered email address. All communications should be sent to this email address [email protected]